The SUPERFLUIDITY Consortium includes 18 partners from 12 countries. The partners include 4 universities, 1 inter-university research consortium, 9 industrial partners and 4 SMEs.

Our consortium builds on a very solid and large base of first-tier, IT industrial partners [CITRIX, REDHAT], which are complemented by global technology providers [NOKIA – ALCATEL LUCENT (participating with three groups: the Cloudband business unit, Bell-Labs France and Bell-Labs Israel) INTEL and NEC] and supported by network operators bringing to the project their vision and requirements and keen to exploit the project results [BRITISH TELECOM, Telefonica I+D, ALTICE LAB].

Our SMEs provide specific and targeted contributions on cloud issues [OnApp], SDN/virtualization issues [TELCARIA], Wireless Fronthaul/Access technology [EBLINK], while [UNIFIED STREAMING] plays the role of an exemplary “user”, deploying a streaming/muxing software in our platform.

Likewise, the expertise of the research groups spans over the spectrum of networking and cloud computing, including also specialists in algorithms and in performance evaluation. Partner research organizations are best-in-class and have been handpicked to form a group with an impressive track record in the fields of our interest.


1. Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni

2. Nokia Bell Labs France

3. Alcatel Lucent Israel

4. British Telecom

5. Citrix

6. EBlink

7. Intel Research & Development Ireland Ltd

8. NEC Europe

9. OnApp

10. Altice Labs

11. Red Hat

12. Telcaria

13. Telefonica I+D

14. Unified Streaming

15. University Ben Gurion

16. University of Liège

17. University of Technology Dresden

18. University Politehnica of Bucharest