Benefits and Impact

SUPERFLUIDITY’s ambition is to aid mobile network operators to meet the demanding requirements of 5G while at the same time develop favourable market conditions which will create sustainable business for all players in the value chain.

In an environment of slowing market expansion rates and declining revenues, where end users request personalized services, better performance, better user experience, businesses need to get more information about their consumers, easier and secured access to devices and greater flexibility for provisioning new services.

There is a key role to play for Equipment providers, Service Providers and IT players together to make this a reality by providing converged IT and Network infrastructure.

In this context, SUPERFLUIDITY helps to create a new ecosystem and the opportunity for all players to collaborate and develop new business models they can each benefit from.

We can sum up the main result of the project as a converged cloud-based 5G concept that will enable innovative use cases in the mobile edge, empower new business models, and reduce investment and operational costs, exerting impact as follows:

  • At  the macro level: consortium partners aiming at strategically placing themselves as the driving force in the area of converged 5G service and network architectures by becoming early adopters of SUPERFLUIDITY’s system
  • At the societal level: enabling software and application providers to bring to the market innovative services and applications exploiting information on network capabilities and conditions available at the base station without worrying about the underlying hardware; the open application space will drive the quality of the service up and the costs down
  • At the operational level: i) deployment of service and applications close to users following their particular performance needs; ii) reduction of end-to-end latency; iii) development of 5G standards and production-quality open source code; iv) tools for system orchestration and management and for security, integrating the SUPERFLUIDITY system into one of the leading cloud management frameworks