Step by Step

This page shows the complete Roadmap of SUPERFLUIDITY, reporting also results achieved as of now.


1. August 2015 – Management structures and technical infrastructure needed to run the project fully operational

2. September 2015 – First definition of technical and business requirements

3. December 2015 – Definition of the Communication and Dissemination Plan

4. January 2016 – First draft of Superfluidity’s architecture

5. March 2016 – Final definition of use cases, technical and business requirements

6. May 2016 – Functional analysis and decomposition of functions; hardware selection, modelling and profiling; Function allocation algorithms; Initial design for control framework

7. June 2016 – Decomposition of existing monolithic network functionality into reusable components

Roadmap 2018 SUPERFLUIDITY Milestones

Milestones table Y2