NEC Europe


NEC Corporation produces tailored solutions for the core technologies and services required in a world where IT and networking converge in the cloud. The NEC group employs more than 100,000 people with a multi-billion dollar sales volume worldwide. Today, NEC has 19 affiliated companies in Europe alone. NEC Laboratories Europe, the research unit of NEC Europe Ltd., wholly owned by NEC Corporation, will be involved in the project. NEC Laboratories Europe focus on software-oriented research and development targeted to meet NEC’s European customers market needs, putting particular emphasis on R&D required for the convergence of IT and communications, including Software-Defined Networking, Network Functions Virtualization and Cloud Computing. A strong focus is also placed on contributions to relevant standardization fora, namely ETSI NFV ISG, ONF, IETF and 3GPP. Over the years, NEC Laboratories Europe has built up strong competence in key project areas by leading and contributing to several European Union projects (since FP4), as well as collaborating with other national programmes (e.g., UK EPSRC projects).


Niccolini,Saverio-40263-8_kleinDr. Saverio Niccolini received his MSc in Telecommunication Engineering and his PhD in Information Engineering from the University of Pisa in 2000 and 2004, respectively. In November 2004, he joined NEC Laboratories Europe, where he now is the Deputy General Manager of the Network Research division and leads the Network Systems and Data Analytics research group. His track record includes: a) creation of patents (more than 20 patents grants worldwide) b) publication of papers (more than 60 papers, ~800 citations, H-index=16) in international conferences, magazines and journals (3x SIGCOMM CCR, 1x IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management) c) TPC membership of many scientific conferences (IEEE INFOCOM 2014 and 2015) d) active participation to standardization fora (IETF, author of three RFCs) and e) leadership of EU projects (technical coordination of Integrated Projects DEMONS and mPlane).


Dr. Felipe Huici is a Chief researcher at NEC Europe Labs in Heidelberg. He received his undergraduate degree with honours from the University of Virginia, and his Masters in Data Communications, Networks and Distributed Systems from University College London, graduating top of the class; he received his Ph.D. from that same institution under the supervision of Prof. Mark Handley. Felipe has published on several top-tier conferences and journals such as SIGCOMM, NSDI, CoNEXT, and SIGCOMM CCR, regularly acts as TPC member of conferences and journals such as INFOCOM and SIGCOMM CCR, and has actively participated in a number of EU projects including FP7 CHANGE, where he was technical leader.

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