Bytemobile European Development Center (short name: CITRIX) was founded in Patras, Greece in 2001 and from 2012 is part of the Service Providers Platforms Group (Cloud Networking Division) of Citrix Systems Inc. Citrix Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of cloud networking solutions worldwide with more than 95% of the Fortune 500 companies being its customers. Today, CITRIX is the largest of the five R&D centers of the Service Providers Platforms Group . The products designed and developed by CITRIX are deployed in more than 130 Service Provider Networks, including the majority of the tier-one operators in Europe. The company employees a staff of 94 persons with 80% of its personnel being highly specialized computer and electrical engineers involved in the various R&D functions of the company.
Within the SUPERFLUIDITY project, the role of the company will be focused on a virtualized product and services offerings mainly towards the convergence space. The project proposal relates to a number of key technologies of the company like: Citrix NetScaler, the leading web application delivery solution that maximizes the performance and availability of all applications and data; Citrix’s ByteMobile Smart Capacity solutions, which are built for mobile operators and enable them to deliver the best possible video, audio and web experience while ensuring optimum utilization of their network resources; Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack, a unified cloud management platform that combines the best cloud foundation for private enterprise workloads with the scale, elasticity and operational efficiency of cloud workloads; and Citrix XenServer, an open source virtualization platform for managing cloud, server and desktop virtual infrastructures. Furthermore, Citrix’s XenServer Engineering team will be providing considerable insights for the project on various performance and scalability adaptation challenges that are expected during the development phase.


GeorgeTsolis_320x320George Tsolis, MSc, Principal Architect, CITRIX. Experience: 2004 – Today: Principal Architect, Bytemobile European Development Center; 2001 – 2003: Founder, Chief Engineer, Daedalus Networks Ltd, 1996 – 2001: Researcher, High Performance Information Systems Lab, CEID, University of Patras. Education: 1998 – 2001: M.Sc. Computer Science, CEID, University of Patras; 1991 – 1996: Diploma in Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics Department (CEID), University of Patras, Greece. Publications: 14 publications to international conferences. Intellectual Property: Two pending US/EU patents.

JohnBeredimas_270x300John Beredimas, Senior Architect, CITRIX. Experience: 2005 – Today: Senior Architect, Bytemobile European Development Center; 2009: Engineering Manager, Transifex; 2003 – 2005: Senior systems engineer, Research and Academic Techonology Institute; 1999 – 2003: Systems administrator, Computer Engineering Department (CEID), University of Patras; Education: 1997 – 2003: Diploma in Computer Engineering, CEID, University of Patras, Greece. Intellectual Property: One pending US patent.

Yannis Bournakas_300dpi

Yannis Bournakas, MSc, Senior Financial Analyst, CITRIX. Experience: 2008 – Today: Senior Financial Analyst and R&D Programs Manager, Bytemobile European Development Center; 1999 – 2008: Project Manager, Atmel Hellas SA; 1997 – 1999: Software Engineer, Data Communication Technologies SA; 1996 – 1997: Software Engineer, Knowledge SA. Education: 1993 – 1994: M.Sc. Communication Engineering & Digital Electronics, UMIST, UK; 1988 – 1993: Diploma in Electrical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece.