46374SUPERFLUIDITY partners will become early adopters of the SUPERFLUIDITY’s system.

SUPERFLUIDITY is bringing partners with complementary expertise addressing different roles in the exploitation of project results, here we present the overall vision of the consortium starting from bottom up (from hardware, through operating system up to services and their orchestration including the architectural aspects):

  • INTEL: standard high volume elements (client, edge and server platforms, networking equipment); supporting software capabilities such as telemetry (e.g. snap), packet processing acceleration (DPDK);
  • NEC: integration of software solutions for small cells, LTE base stations and cloud resources;
    • NOKIA FR: Integration of Nokia Xhaul MPR product in 5G market; Enhance the list of supported features in the fronthaul catalogue of Nokia (re-programmability, SDN based control); Enhance the Cloud RAN V2.0 product with technology as container, Unikernel, Ansible, Kubernetes; Support of Service based architecture like microservice and RFB in the Next Generation CORE;
    • NOKIA IL: management tools for orchestrating virtualised functions across heterogeneous access;
  • REDHAT: operating systems, OpenStack, OpenShift and orchestration running on top, such as ManageIQ and Ansible;
  • TELCARIA: integrate heterogeneous wireless networks information for running innovative services;
  • CITRIX: virtualised load balancing and traffic management, spreading over the converged infrastructure (up to the access);
  • ONAPP: virtualised storage services spreading over the converged infrastructure (up to the access). ONAPP has also gained experience in working with INTEL and UNIFIED STREAMING on the telemetry, analytics and working with video streaming content;
  • UNIFIED STREAMING: streaming services spreading over the converged infrastructure (up to the access);
  • TELECOM OPERATORS (TID, ALB, BT): converged infrastructure moving service functionalities between core and access.

For additional information the deliverable D8.8 “Final Report on Innovation and Exploitation Actions” is available here.