Superfluidity’s sponsorship at the OSM Conference 2018

OSM-logoSuperfluidity sponsored the ETSI Open Source Mano conference held in Rome last 05-09 February 2018 at the Italian National Research Council headquarter. The meeting focused on “OSM-Mid-Release#4” hosted 23 attendees.  CNIT has presented the work performed in Superfludity concerning the integration of OpenVIM (and other VIMs) with Unikernels and the RDCL 3D network service designer and orchestrator. Stefano Salsano presented the Live Demo Extending ETSI NFV Release 2 models (IFA011, IFA014) and OpenVIM to support Unikernels orchestration”. The Demo aimed at showing how RDCL 3D has been used to design graphically a chain of click-based virtual network functions and then to deploy them as ClickOS VMs by leveraging OpenVIM in an actual virtual environment. The presentation is available here. DVV6PQ9WAAANqcA.jpg large