SUPERFLUDITY is technical sponsor of IEEE LANMAN 2016

roma-colosseoTomorrow 13th June IEEE LANMAN 2016 kick off for a three-days symposium. LANMAN is the forum for presenting and discussing the latest technical advances in local and metropolitan area networking. This year, the symposium’s central theme is Adaptive, Agile and Fluid networking, a broad topic encompassing autonomic and reconfigurable networking, network function virtualization and software defined networking. This theme reflects recent disruptive innovations in data center networks, enterprise networks, and edge cloud networks. Internet-of-Things is another aspect of the theme to identify new technologies and architectures to support various requirements from different industry sectors, such as smart cities combined with data analytics. SUPERFLUIDITY project is technical sponsor of the symposium. LANMAN 2016 will be hosted by Italian National Research Council in Rome. CNR.jpg